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about me.

Is in her twenties. Graduated from college with a degree in Journalism. Oldest child, with the makings of being the black sheep of the family. Anime and manga fan. Loves George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire and Ellen Kushner (and Delia Sherman)'s Swordspoint series. Writes fanfiction and assorted original stories (mostly fantasy and the supernatural).


Likes yaoi...a little too much. Addicted to Axis Powers Hetalia, Naruto, Viewfinder, Bleach, Yami no Matsuei, Slayers and quite a lot more. Reads a lot, from manga to National Geographic. Currently a copyeditor. I also make plushies in my spare time.

MY OTPs are England x America [Axis Powers Hetalia], Asami x Akihito and Fei Long x Akihito [Viewfinder], Ichigo x Rukia [Bleach], Sasuke x Naruto [Naruto], Loki x Mayura [Matantei Loki Ragnarok], Heero x Relena [Gundam Wing], Integral x Alucard [Hellsing], Muraki x Hisoka x Tsuzuki and Muraki x Ukyou x Oriya [Yami no Matsuei] and several other pairings. I'm also a fan of Doctor Who (just beginning, mind) and Supernatural (but not the wank. Dear God, the WANK). I also love the British comedy, Coupling. :D

banners and whatnot.


Thank you very much to the Viewfinder community, club_sion, for the wonderful contest! :D

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4th hokage, abel nightroad, alec campion, alfred f. jones, america, anime, anotsu kagehisa, apollo justice, arthur kirkland, arya stark, asami ryuuichi, asano rin, axis powers hetalia, ayano yamane, badou nails, barnaby brooks jr., basil st. cloud, blade of the immortal, bleach, brian ruckley, canada, castiel, code geass, daenerys targaryen, david eddings, dean winchester, dogs: bullets and carnage, doukyuusei, doumeki haruka, doumeki shizuka, eddard stark, ellen kushner, england, esther blanchett, euphemia, fanfiction, fantasy, final fantasy vii, final fantasy viii, finder series, france, francis bonnefoy, fuyumine naoto, george rr martin, gintama, gourry gabriev, grrm, gundam wing, harry dresden, heine, hellsing, joe abercrombie, jon snow, kaede kaburagi, karrin murphy, katsura kotarou, kim harrison, kotetsu t. kaburagi, kurosaki hisoka, kuroshitsuji, lelouch, lina inverse, liu fei long, loveless, manga, matantei loki ragnarok, matthew williams, mibu oriya, muraki kazutaka, nakamura asumiko, namikaze minato, naruto, oh england, phoenix wright, reading, richard st vier, sakata gintoki, sakuraiji ukyou, scott lynch, sekai-ichi hatsukoi, slayers, sotsugyousei, supernatural, suzuki tsuta, swordspoint, takaba akihito, the dresden files, the fall of kings, the hollows, theron campion, tifa lockheart, tiger&bunny, trinity blood, tyrion lannister, uchiha sasuke, uzumaki kushina, uzumaki naruto, vampires, vassalord, victoria holt, viewfinder, watanuki kimihiro, world war z, writing, x/1999, xxxholic, yami no matsuei, yaoi, yoh, yoneda kou, zombie survival guide, zombies


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